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Specialists in performance chemicals

eChem is a chemical manufacturer with production facilities in both Leeds, UK and Lufkin, USA, strategically placed to serve the major markets in Europe and the Americas. Since May 2014, we have been a part of the Faci group, which manufactures metal soaps and esters at locations in Italy, Spain, the UK, the USA, Singapore and China, and is thus strategically positioned to supply customers in all major global markets.

We specialize in performance chemicals that solve process problems or enhance the properties of technical products in industries such as plastics, surface coatings, synthetic rubbers and preformed concrete, using key technologies including metal soap dispersions, esters, surface active agents and defoamers.

History and Locations

American eChem is a part of the Faci group, a privately-owned chemical company headquartered in Carasco, Italy, which has been active in the chemical industry for over 50 years, and is today a world leader in oleochemical products.

Our plant in Lufkin, Texas, near the US Gulf Coast, was built in 2004, and is a major manufacturer of high quality vegetable-based calcium stearate dispersions for the North American market. Blends of stearate dispersions and other materials are also made in this facility, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


American eChem’s policy is to supply our customers with tailor-made products offering the best combination of value and performance, with consistent quality and unrivaled service. Wherever possible, we use renewable raw materials with low environmental impact, and encourage supply in reusable packaging

Business Principles

With reference to the fact that the FACI Group operates globally and has a long and successful history and good reputation as a reliable global player in chemicals, during last 40 years the FACI Group has never dealt with any terroristic regime and/or related organization.

With reference also to the fact that the FACI Group has a presence in the United States and has not, nor is willing to have, any operation in IRAN, the FACI Group shall fully comply with any possible regulation as a consequences of the withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA, therefore the FACI Group has intensified its best practices and procedures to have a better knowledge of its customers in order to avoid any dealings with prohibited and/or sanctioned counterparts.

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