eChem Ltd - chemical manufacturer


Our extensive range of products may be used in a wide variety of applications, including the manufacture of paints, inks and other surface coatings, low-VOC cleaning products, concrete articles and synthetic rubber, and the processing of PVC.

Three of the most common application areas are shown below, together with a general category to cover additional industries in which our products are used.

Products for the Construction Industry

Our additives for the concrete and construction industry include calcium stearate and other high performance water repellants, low-VOC mould release agents and powder defoamers.

Products for Plastics

For the processing of PVC, we have a full range of internal and external lubricants. We can solve the rheological problems of PVC processing.

Products for Surface Coatings

Whatever the system, solvent-based or water-based, we can offer advice and products to solve problems or formulate for the perfect coating.

Products for other Process Industries

We offer a range of metal soap dispersions, defoamers, a wide range of fatty acid esters, ester emulsions and wax dispersions.