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Coalescing agents for water-based coatings

There is a growing requirement for coalescing agents for water based coatings which are more environmentally friendly and which meet the stricter controls on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that have recently been implemented in various countries around the world. eChem provides products which meet those needs and exceed performance requirements.

It is desired of modern coalescing agents that they should:

  • Provide adequate MFFT reduction at addition levels no greater than current industry-standard coalescing agents
  • Feature reduced volatility compared with these industry-standard products
  • Have no reduced performance of film regarding scrub resistance, blocking/anti-tack, hardness or gloss
  • Work effectively in all resin types
  • Meet special requirements (such as ‘Blue Angel’ in Germany)
  • Be cost effective

Our product range includes EC 1131 and EC 1249, both ester-based products, EC 1131 being based on vegetable fatty acids. EC 1131 works with all resin types studied and is more effective than the industry standard coalescing agent in reducing minimum-film-forming-temperature (MFFT), is less volatile, and at the equivalent performance addition level, gives better or comparable results with a finished film. EC 1249 has a volatility between that of industry standard types and EC 1131.