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Fatty acid esters

Fatty acid esters are used in a wide range of industries for their lubricating properties, solvency and resistance to oxidation. They are becoming more popular due to their renewable content, as they are derived from sources such as vegetable oils and animal tallow. Fatty acids esters have low volatility compared with many traditional solvents, making them suitable as replacements for solvents in coatings, inks and pressroom cleaners, as well as in lubricants and metalworking fluids.

eChem’s esters are made by the reaction of fatty acids with alcohols. The products’ properties are determined by the carbon chain lengths, degree of branching and degree of unsaturation of the components. The main building blocks used in eChem’s products are:

• Fatty acids

  • stearic acid
  • oleic acid
  • palmitic acid
  • lauric acid
  • sebacic acid
  • distilled coconut fatty acid
  • C8/C10 fatty acid

• Alcohols

  • 2-ethylhexanol
  • pentaerythritol
  • monoethylene glycol
  • isotridecanol
  • propylene glycol

Other types can also be made upon request.