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Low-VOC mineral oil replacements

Mineral oil-based products are used in many industrial applications as solvents, lubricants, diluents and cleaning agents. Many of these products have negative health and environmental aspects, including a high VOC (volatile organic compound) content. Fatty acid esters can be used as alternatives in many cases, their properties being tailored to the required end use by selection of different acids and alcohols.

Methyl esters, as used in biodiesel, are readily available, but tend to have relatively high VOC contents and cause swelling of rubber materials, making them unsuitable for uses such as pressroom cleaning. Esters of unsaturated acids have low pour points, but tend to form deposits of gum due to oxidation.

eChem esters based on lauric, benzoic or coconut fatty acid and isobutanol, isodecanol or 2-ethyl hexanol provide the best balance between solvency, low volatility and freedom from rubber swell, and are particularly useful for applications in the printing ink and pressroom cleaner markets.

The main products in the eChem range are:

DP 110F

EC 1604

Other products can also be made upon request.