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Plasticisers are used in plastics, especially PVC, elastomers and polymeric coatings to increase flexibility and softness. Product characteristics such as softness, cold-flex temperature, migration-resistance, fire-resistance and odour can be controlled by adjusting the addition level and chemical composition of the plasticizers used. Most plasticizers are esters, and historically phthalate types have been the most commonly used due to their good balance of efficiency and cost, however these are now under close scrutiny owing to alleged health and environmental effects.

eChem’s plasticizers are based mainly on sebacic or benzoic acid, esterified with alcohols such as isobutanol and 2-ethylhexanol. These are mainly used in specialized applications requiring particular properties such as low-temperature flexibility, extraction resistance or food contact approval, in latex adhesives and surface coatings. For more information on specific applications, please contact us.

Our main products are:

EC 1005 dibutyl sebacate

EC 911 di-2-ethylhexyl sebacate

EC 1249 2-ethylhexyl benzoate

EC 1628 benzoate blend