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Release agents for concrete

Concrete mould-release agents or form oils are traditionally based on cheap mineral-oil derivatives such as diesel oil, but these are volatile organic compounds, harmful to the environment and workers’ health, and so are now being phased out in many areas.

eChem’s products are based on ester chemistry, and have the benefits of low VOC-content, low toxicity and high renewable raw material content. These products can be applied by spray or by mop / brush, and are effective in many different types of mould.

Two types of release agent are available: 100% active and water-based emulsions.

100% Active product: eChem MR 10. Best release agent for semi-dry, quick-release concrete, used for the manufacture of products such as floor boards, posts and internal wall panels.

Water-based dispersion: eChem MR 40. Very effective with wet-cast products in which a high-quality surface finish is important, such as external wall sections and railway sleepers. The product has a low viscosity and is easily applied using both automatic and hand pump-up sprayers.